Internet sites and files of interest to C++ users


                           10 June 2010

I have tried to assemble a list on interesting files and sites on the
internet that are relevant to C++ users - especially those with
interests in numerical methods. Generally, these are sites and files I
have seen mentioned on comp.lang.c++, comp.lang.c++.moderated or
comp.std.c++. My selection is pretty random and certainly doesn't
cover everything. In particular, I haven't tried to include everything
already included in other people's lists of libraries. I don't check
these sites for accuracy or usefulness - if I come across a site that
looks as though it is about C++ and I am able to understand it enough
to classify it, it will normally go into the list. So reader beware.

"Inclusion of a site is not an endorsement and lack of inclusion is
not a criticism."

For recent entries search for ###.

It is becoming less and less possible to do justice to the vast amount of
material out there and I have given up trying to update the links so don't
forget the search engines: 

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uncompressors can be found under compression or archivers in the
msdos program archives. Use uncompress or gzip -d on unix machines
to uncompress .Z or .gz files. Compressed files should be downloaded
in binary mode; text files in ascii mode.

Frequently asked questions

Bjarne Stroustrup's FAQ 

Marshall Cline's C++ FAQ list:
(see this site for other download sites and other languages) 

Joe Buck's G++ (Gnu C++) FAQ list - rather old:
(look in this to see where to find G++ compiler files) 

Visual C++/MFC FAQ list - not here anymore 

Watcom C++ FAQ 

Vinit Carpenter's list of C and C++ tutorials (really old) 

C++ standardisation and comp.std.c++ 

Steve Summit's C FAQ list: 

Numerical analysis FAQ list 

Ross McKay and Wade Guthrie's FAQ list on "Platform Independent GUIs" 

comp.object FAQ 

alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ FAQ list 

Object orientation 

Learning C++

See "FAQs" above; see also "C++ resources", "consulting services",
"everything sites" and "Websites for authors of C++ books and
articles" below.

### June
The C++ language from its basics up to the newest features of ANSI-C++,
including basic concepts such as arrays or classes and advanced
concepts such as polymorphism or templates. 

### June
A web site designed to help you learn the C or C++ programming
languages, and provide you with C and C++ programming language

Tutorials about C++ 
C++ Annotations (moving from C to C++) 

DevCentral tutorials for C and C++ 

C++ tutorials for Windows 32, how to do without MFC, getting the compiler
to do the hard work of avoiding memory leaks, games, frequency analysis etc 

Coronado enterprises tutorials (formerly Gordon Dodrill's)
You can see sample chapters, but are charged for the full tutorials 

Guru of the week - ie discussion papers on using C++ 

Tutorials etc on Borland's CBuilder 

Tutorial on the STL by Phil Ottewell. 
He has also got a tutorial on C for Fortran users 

Notes for a university lecture course, but
maybe there is enough here for independent study. 

Note on pointers - perhaps more oriented towards C than C++. 

Very simple C under DOS or MS-windows. Not much C++;
possibly useful to someone interested in programming
MS-windows without MFC etc. 

Weekly newsletter on C++ and other things: aimed at helping new
and intermediate programmers improve their coding skills. - a site run by Macmillan USA containing a lot
of information including the several well-known C++ books for
free download - if you are prepared to supply name and email address 

C++ in 21 days - 2nd edition 

A variety of C++ books on line (Macmillian, Sams, Wiley, IDG etc)
You can see the tables of contents, but you will have to have a
subscription to read the books themselves after a free trial. 

Elementary introduction to C++ (mostly the C subset) 

How to use function-pointers in C and C++, callbacks, functors 

Short C++ tutorial, aimed at people who already have
experience with an object-oriented programming language 

Articles about Win32, C++, MFC articles using VC++ compiler. 

Site lists

Google web directory 

### September
An A-Plus C++ Resources Directory 

University of Cambridge Department of Engineering 

Object-Oriented Numerics Web Site 

German scientific computing (in English) 

World-wide-web "C++ Virtual Library" 

Karim Ratib's list of C++ sites (Scientific computing,
graphs, GUIs etc)

Phil Austin's list of oo sites for scientific computing 

Manfred Schneider's list of sites (CETUS links) 

Site list from Forschungszentrum Juelich 

C++ and C SIG (New York) 

This file 

"Connected Object Solutions" list 

Warren Young's list - especially STL 

Andy Tai's list of gui interfaces 

Joerg Arndt's list of C & C++ code -
particularly numerical things & FFT 

Bowden Wise's page 

Peter Baeumle's page (in German) 

Robert Mudge's page and shareware metrics tool 

Bernd Mohr's site list 

Simo Salminen's site list 

Brad Appleton's site list 

Comeau Computing's site
Site list, book recommendations 

Decision Tree for Optimization Software
(mostly in F* but some C++) 

Garbage collection links (some C++) 

Borland CBuilder sites 

C++ links including notes on online tutorials 

J. Shiva's site (links, book recommendations etc) 

DJGPP web ring 

Alan Clarke's site list and tips of the day 

Open directory project 

Borland Builder programmers web ring 

Jonathan's Working with C++Builder Page 

Open Watcom links etc 

Free software sites 

C++ resources

Borland builder development 

An STL Error Decryptor to decode those "cryptic" STL error messages
Works with Visual, Gnu, Comeau, CodeWarrior C++ 

C++ standards and documentation

(See also "Websites for authors of C++ books and articles" below where
there are a number of relevant sites)

ANSI/ISO C++ committee website 

C++ Standard in pdf format - the real thing - costs $18 US
(It is called ISO/IEC 14882-1998) 

Final ISO/IEC 9899:1999 update to the C language - costs $18 US
(Go to Electronic Standards Store on the ansi website) 

Unofficial list of corrections to standard document 

Draft C++ standard - ps and pdf formats 

C++ Standards Committee papers 

Updated appendix to ARM describing new features 

Review, errata, extracts from Stroustrup's
"The C++ programming language, 2nd ed." 

Errata for Stroustrup's "The C++ programming language, 2nd ed." 

Ian Joyner's 1996 critique of C++ (3rd edition) 

Quick reference to STL 

Object oriented standard discussion 

C9X draft standard (pdf and ascii) 

Notes on smart pointers 

Kevin S Van Horn C++/ STL components and articles  

Extensions introduced by standard 

C++ standard issues list 

Notes about various aspects of C++, site list, book list etc 

Incompatibilities between ANSI standard and C++ described in ARM 

The changes made to C++ by the joint ISO/ANSI C++ committee since
Bjarne Stroustrup's ARM (Annotated Reference Manual) was published 

Comformance of C++ Compilers 

Search index of C++ Programming Language; 3rd edition 

C++ 2000 proposal (warning - this is dated April 1st, 1998) 

STL test suite 

C/C++ reference - particularly the standard libraries 

wikipedia entry (overview, history, links, books) 

Kai tutorials (some comments on multithreading and on global initialisation) 

List of libraries

Nikki Locke's list of libraries 

Search Nikki Locke's list of libraries 

Keith Briggs' list of matrix packages 

Ajay Shah's index of free C or C++ programs 

List of C++ numerical analysis libraries 

List of free high performance linear algebra packages
(all languages, some C++) 

Everything sites

Sites that have some links, some source code, some training stuff,
maybe some editorial i.e. "Portals". 

"Dream in code" forum and reference sheet 

Code, documentation, articles, orientation to Visual C++ and MFC. 

Site list, some programs, other resources 

ITtoolbox C++: Job banks, tech news and stock information, downloads
and tutorials, mailing lists, book and software links with
visitor review comments and of course, links to C/C++-oriented sites. 

Programming style

C++ and how you can easily increase the efficiency in programming for
both speed and binary size and related topics 

High Integrity C++ Coding Standard Manual (HTML version online, you have to request the
pdf version). 

List of sites with C and C++ style guides 

Ellemtel's Programming in C++: Rules and Recommendations 

Taligent's rules 

Todd Hoff's coding style 

Software Quality HotList (long list of links to sites concerned with
quality software) 

Valentin Bonnard's programming advice for C++ (English & French)
Also links, reference material 

Tim Ottinger's naming conventions 

Re: Metrics for C++?
Here is a list of publications and tools to browse through: 

See Scott Meyers & Martin Klaus paper in tech reports
and papers section.

See Robert Martin's page under authors of C++ books

Some c++ guidelines in German; features an "expert summary" section
and a more detailed chapter for c++ / programming novices. 

Documentation systems

See also "environment"

### June
DOC++ is a documentation system for C++ programs featuring generation
of HTML and LaTeX documentation. 

Process C++ include files and produce web pages that document the
libraries, classes, and global functions and types that are found in

It's yet another filter from C/C++ to LaTeX. It honors the tabbing
used for the source file and generates clean LaTeX (not TeX ;-). 

PERCEPS: Perl script to generate documentation in a variety of
formats from C++ header files. 

Autoduck: extract tagged documentation from comment statements and
assemble as html or rtf files (runs under MS windows). 

C++/Perl->LaTeX converter (that produces beautiful program listings)
*no longer there?* 

Dimitri van Heesch's Doxygen 

Web++ parses C++ code to HTML format with a lot of hyper-links 

Like javadoc for java, reads embedded comments in the source code
and generates web based documentation. 

George: automatic source code documentation tool
(Commercial product - free evaluation version) 

C & C++ source browser, with PERL API for creating automatic documentation
Commercial product that is free to try 

Object Outline generates HTML, RTF, and WinHelp documentation for
software written in C and C++ (now free) 

Doc-O-Matic 2: cross linked documentation systems, including both
Source Code Documentation and Application Documentation and User
Manuals in PDF, HTML, HTML Help, Windows Help and RTF.
Commercial product with free trial. 

Book reviews

(see also and its associates under bookshops)

Yechiel Kimchi's list of bad books (don't buy) in C++ and some suggestions
about choosing good ones. 

Association of C & C++ users 

Scott McMahan's reviews (now getting old and no longer there) 

Harvey Taylor's booklist; old (1994) and mostly historical 

Program archives

AT&T netlib (numerical analysis, lapack) 

Ericsson's C++ archives 

CICA (windows/DOS) 

Simtel (DOS/windows) 

Walnut Creek 

Garbo (DOS/windows) 

Comp.sources.misc archives (unix) 

Jumbo freeware/shareware site 

Source code

See also the sections "List of libraries", "Site lists",
"Environment", "Commercial" and "Everything sites"

Sourceforge "The world's largest repository of open source code" 

Freshmeat "Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software" 

STLport - a free, open source C++ standard library that runs
on just about any compiler. 

HP standard template library* 

D.R. Musser and Atul Saini, STL Tutorial and Reference
Guide: C++ Programming with the Standard Template Library
Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1996.
Includes stl and ANSI-like string class (now out of date) 

SGI version of standard template library (PCs or unix)
Code, documentation, links 

Standard C++ library (Integrated with SGI STL 3.2, templatized
IOStreams and locales, wrappers for C headers putting the symbols
into namespace std) 

ObjectSpace STL 

ANSI-like string class (almost same as Musser/Saini string class) 

Cay Horstmann's "Safe STL". 

Jonathan Lundquist's non-standard library covering the same kind of facilities
as the standard library 
(works with IE but not Netscape)

Repository for free C++ libraries; submissions are peer reviewed; emphasis on
libraries which work well with the C++ Standard Library 

Database template library: Make ODBC recordsets look like an STL container;
move through our containers using standard STL iterators; and if you insert(),
erase() or replace() records in our containers changes are automatically
committed to the database. 

Regular expression editor (portable), OLE automation examples (MS Windows) etc 

String library (high-performance, portable, fast, regular expression support)
Commercial, but you can get free trial including source. 

John J. Barton and Lee R. Nackman: Scientific and Engineering C++
*no longer there* 

Source code from  Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koenig and Barbara Moo 

Unicode support library (open source): includes character set conversions,
collation, a Unicode based string class, date, time and calendar support, and
much more. 

Edward M. Reingold's Calendar Papers and Code 

Todd Knarr's date and time classes
The files Date.C and Date.h contain a date class capable of handling
dates from 1 Jan 4713BC to 31 Dec 9999AD. Time.C and Time.h contain
a time class capable of to-the-second time resolution. This seems to
have vanished - they're back! 

e4graph: C++ library for storing "irregular" data 

"DS++", a data structures library written in C++ 
*no longer there* 

Oracle Call Interface Template Library 

M. A. Sridhar: Building Portable C++ Applications with YACL 

cpp-lib, a C++ network, maths & utility library released
under the LGPL 

Newmat matrix library, Newran random number library 

GMM++ - Generic C++ Matrix Library 

GETFEM++: Generic and efficient C++ library for elementary
computations for finite element methods 

Daveed Vandevod's valarray (array manipulation) programs 

Roldan Pozo's sparselib++ and mv++ (& lecture notes on numerical C++) 

Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT) is a collection of interfaces
and reference implementations of numerical objects useful for
scientific computing in C++. 

Tiny vector and matrix class - use Meta and Expression Templates 

Matrix-vector class 

Dan Quinlan's A++/P++ (also a pretty comprehensive set of numerical links). 

The Matrix Template Library - includes sparse matrices, iterative
methods etc 

The Blitz++ Numerical Library Project
(techniques which will enable C++ to rival the speed of Fortran for
numerical computing, while preserving an object-oriented interface) 

MET is a C++ matrix class library which promotes the notational
convenience of linear algebraic codes but is free of the overhead
of superfluous temporary matrix objects. 

GNUSSL Scientific Software Library.  Linear algebra and arrays. 

Easy to use and powerful numerical library 

Rlab: Matlab "semi-clone" written in C++ 

rmatrix - matrix library and associated classes 

Ed Tisdale's multidimensional array package 

Parallel Mathematical Libraries Project
Sparse iterative, direct, sequential and parallel solvers in C++,
It supports NT systems and NT clusters. 

Templated library for complex numbers, dynamic vectors, static vectors, full
matrices, band matrices, sparse matrices, etc. and a representation for Tensors
including contraction, direct product and multiplication. 

Multidimensional array library using expression templates (version 2.0.0) 

Keith Briggs' double double (quad) precision package 

apfloat: C++ High Performance Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic Package 

HiPiLib Libraries - arbitrary precision arithmetic
(Free to some users - otherwise commercial) 

Extend range of exponents of floating point numbers
(Same precision as double, exponent range is increased) 

CLN - Class Library for Numbers (includes extra precision) 

> I've been looking for Big Numbers libraries in C++ through Internet

Numerical Toolbox for Verified Computing 

Numerical optimisation (local and global) 

Interval arithmetic 

Parallel Object-oriented Methods and Applications (POOMA) framework 

Portable Expression Template Engine 

"deal" finite element library 

"vs.lib" integrable/differentiable objects in C++, and "fe.lib", 
an object-oriented finite element library fe.lib has free source
code, however, it is written with vs.lib which is not free. 

Finite elements and partial differential equations 

Modelling 3D fluid flow and other 3D diff. eq. modelling 

Rheolef: a finite element environment - C++ classes and unix commands 

Class Library for Accelerator System Simulation and Control
(includes a matrix package amongst other things) 

Digital signal processing library 

Informatique CDC www page (Bison++, flex++, remote procedure
   call library) (This link seems to be broken) 

Qt-based Scientific Modeling and Plotting Library
OptSolve++ -- Nonlinear Optimization and Root-Finding 

Opensprings C++ libraries - mostly GUI at present, more to come
(GPL or commercial license) 

Bruce Wampler's cross-platform C++ GUI Framework 

Zinc cross-platform GUI
(A commercial product available free for personal use) 

wxWindows cross-platform GUI 

Qt: multiplatform C++ application framework (commercial product, but there
is a free GPL version 
C++ graphical user interface toolkit for X (UNIX®), OpenGL, and WIN32

C++ based Toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces 

C++ Application Framework for the X Window System 

Code guru (lots of MFC stuff & notes on how to do things) 

MFC, win32, COM and some general C++ stuff 

COOOL optimisation (ie finding numerical maxima and minima) library 

ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE): An Object-Oriented
Network Programming Toolkit in C++ 

SWORD is a general-purpose C++ library, complements ACE in order
to build high preformance, high quality, portable C++ software. 

Middleware generator - you send this website a description of an object -
it sends back code to send and receive this object. Access user guide from
"C++ Middleware Form" page. 

Mumit Khan's fftpack++ 

C++ interface to the netCDF portable binary data format:
(for atmospheric scientists and geophysicists) 

Snippets collection - computer science and mathematics functions, mostly
C, some C++ 

Data mining and analysis 

Object Oriented MPI (OOMPI): A full-featured class library for MPI.
What's MPI? Message passing interface (for parallel processors) 

C++-Wrapper for MPI (parallel programming) 

Physics and parallel processing software (and articles)  

... a collection of C++ string, array, and matrix 
classes in the public domain 

Genetic Algorithms (GA) class library called TOLKIEN. 

PDP++ neural network software 

Callback library: 

Paul Lucas's finite state machine 
   (M.S. thesis)

An Algebraic Typing and Pattern Matching Preprocessor for C++ 

... a collection of C++ algebraic objects, allowing equation 
representation+edit under windows environment. 

Image compression using wavelets 

Wavelets package 

Crypto++ is a free C++ class library of cryptographic primitives 

C++ wrapper for Peter Gutmann's cryptlib 

Multiple integer and rational arithmetic c/c++ library 

Matpack - C++ matrix and vector algebra, random number generators,
special functions, FFT, quaternions, differential equations,
integration, interpolation 

LinAl - simple, easy to use yet fast library for linear algebra in C++.  

Matlab to C++ Compiler and C++ Math Matrix Library - MATCOM V2
Now is commercial, but you can download a 30 day trial version 

Mark Von Tress's matrix package: large matrices on small PCs 

LinAl is a simple, easy to use and efficient linear algebra library 

Computational number theory (LiDIA) 

LEDA: data structures, graph algorithms and geometric algorithms etc
(Now a commercial product with 30 day evaluation license) 

Shareware database system - registered version includes source code;
also links to other database sites relevant to C++ & databases 

George Barwood's cryptographic software 

The fastest FFT in the West
(UNIX; in C but maybe you can put a C++ wrapper on it) 

2x2,3x3,4x4 inline matrix manipulation 

Sage++ translater for parallel C++ 

Data aquisition, storage, analysis and presentation of
large bodies of scientific (particularly physics) data 
AWFD: C++ library for wavelet based solvers for PDEs and integral equations

Assertion checking (forall, x/x',time) & logging - parts require gcc 

FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) for Borland C++Builder (shareware) 

Numerical recipes in C, F* etc
(Online access to book, online store for software, etc) 

CIDLib: general purpose C++ development framework, 300+ classes.
Source, documentation & tutorial. Release is for NT/VC++, but portable
to other platforms. Expect Linux version soon. Includes environment, collection
classes, numerous core data types, encryption, error message and exception
management, file system support, TCP/IP, regular expressions, windows and
graphics support, etc. etc. 

Brighton University Resource Kit for students 

Some code examples 

Nonlinear statistical modelling using automatic differentiation
(main product is commercial but there is a demonstration version
for download) 

Perl-like C++ classes for string manipulation 

RE-Lib - C++ Regular Expression Library 

Computational thermodynamics library - Gibbs energy of
multi-compartment systems 

GAlib: A C++ Library of Genetic Algorithm Components 

ROBOOP: A Robotics Object Oriented Package in C++
(for simulation of robotic manipulator models)  

libsql++ is a c++ library that wraps ODBC calls into an oo interface.
Provides c++ applications with an easy to use approach to databases. 

C++ Library for accessing multiple SQL databases - shareware 

DGC is a conservative distributed garbage collection library
built on top of Boehm and Demers' collector for (mainly)

C++ Library for Quantum Computer Emulation 

Multi-variate polynomial interpolation 

C++ classes for speech recognition 

C and C++ code with emphasis on Windows and MFC
also tutorial 

C++ uniform random number generators
(For BeOS but I imagine they are portable) 

Numerical and computer science routines in C 

C++ interface to ARPACK ( Fortran routines for
eigenvalues of sparse matrices) 

Programs from modelling vibration 

Socket library (Unix and Windows) 

Another socket library (Unix and Windows) 

library for filtering and transforming STL containers
(development stage at present) 

JPEG image compression (C code) 

Mathematical expression parser 

Functional programming library 

kbhit under Linux 

C++ implementation of the Mersenne Twister random number generator 


See the G++ FAQ list for where to download the G++ compiler

Gnu win32 related projects 

ECGS home page (experimental Gnu C++ compiler) 

DJGPP compiler 

DEV-C++ development environment for windows (includes Gnu compiler)  

"Ch" interpreter for C and subset of C++
(free for academic and non-profit organisations) 

Digital Mars C and C++ Compilers for Win32, Win16, DOS32 and DOS
Compiler is free, low cost for CD including library source, IDE, etc 

Borland C++ compiler version 5.5 for windows (free) 

Running Borland 5.5 compiler under Borland 5.02 IDE 

Intel compiler for Linux - free for non-commercial use
(There is also a version for Windows but it isn't free after 30 days)
[You have to register to do the download] 
If you are trying to use version 7 under RedHat 9 Linux please see 

Free, public domain C/C++ compiler and checker technology (with source) 

Maintenance files for Watcom C++ 

Open Watcom site 


Ultimate++ is the complete C++ GPL lincensed development system. It
consists of set of libraries (GUI, SQL, web etc.) and the integrated
development environment (TheIDE). 

IDE for Gnu G++ under MS Windows (also list of free compilers etc) 

OSE class library (error management, memory management, date/time etc),
environment and documentation tools 

emacs mode
*no longer there?* 

ABC++ is a preprocessor and documentation tool which translates an
extended C++ syntax into ANSI C++. 

Software dev tools purchased or considered by Fermilab 

Freeware UML class diagram drawing tool with C++ code generation
(runs under MS windows) 

HTML-kit: simple editor for MS Windows that includes a mode for C++

Make file generator for Unix 

User and special interest groups; forums

Go4expert C++ forum 

C++ and C SIG (New York) 

C++ SIG of Object Developers Group (ODG), New York City 

Association of C & C++ users 

C/C++ users' group 

Wavelets forum 


Extraordinary C++ conference, Sept 23-26, 2007, Astoria, Oregon 

SIGs conferences 

List of computer science and mathematics conferences 

Related languages

D programming language 



Online magazines and journals

The C++ Source 

Technical reports and papers

See also C++ authors

C++ Report and Journal of Object Oriented Programming (partial) archive 

Template metaprograms 

Todd Veldhuizen: Techniques for Scientific C++  

Quinn Tyler Jackson's papers 

The new C++ casting operators 

Interviews with Nathan Myers and Stan Lippman of state of C++ 

Paul Pedriana: High Performance Game Programming in C++ 

Call for papers

Articles on all aspects of C++ are being sought for publication in C++
Toolbox, a new column on C++ programming that premiered in the January 1996
issue of SIGPLAN Notices. 
   (includes past issues)

Websites for authors of C++ books and articles

Bjarne Stroustrup 

Andrew Koenig 

Nicolai M. Josuttis
(The C++ Standard Library, C++ Templates - The Complete Guide) 

Daveed Vandevoorde (C++ Templates - The Complete Guide) 

Scott Meyers (also consulting/training services) 

Ira Pohl 

Steve Heller, author and software engineer
Copies of his books "Who's Afraid of C++?" and
"Optimizing C++" online here. 

Mark Nelson 

Jesse Liberty (also consulting/training services) 

Nathan Myers 

Robert Martin (look at the articles page) 

P J Plauger 

Bruce Eckel
(Includes "Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition" online) 

Douglas C. Schmidt (Networking, C++ report, etc) 

Ian Joyner (programming languages, object-orientation,
distributed processing, and people factors) 

Scott Robert Ladd 

Herb Sutter (standards, Guru of the week, articles) 

Ray Lischner (C++ in a Nutshell - forthcoming; draft copy) 

Consulting services

(but with some free things)

...technical help and expert consulting on a variety of topics,
for free (for now) 

Dinkum (STL things) 

San Francisco Bay Area Center for Advanced Technology
(consulting, training, interesting articles) 


See also consulting services

IT Job Board: C++ Jobs in Europe 


Borland (Inprise?) 
See also 



DigitalMars (C++ and D compilers) 

Engineering Objects International - Peter N Roth
C++ & Delphi Specialists (Class builder) 

ObjectSpace (class libraries: STL + other toolkits) 

ObjectSoftware: Javadoc-like documentation tool; other development tools 

Ochre software: source code beautifier for C++. Fully
functional 15 day trial is available for download 

Upspring Software - Development and Quality Assurance products
including C++ browser (50 standard queries; text and graph views;
class member attributes; macros and compiler generated constructs;
understands function/operator overloading; integrated editors; etc) 

Cygnus solutions 

Rogue Wave software 

Extreme optimization - Numerical and statistical library for .NET
framework including managed C++ (free 15 day trial version) 

Dundas Software
(M++ multidimensional array and math library - discontinued?) 

NMath Matrix is an advanced matrix manipulation library for the
.NET platform (commercial software - free trial version) 

Advanced Scientific Applications, Inc. 

Dakota Scientific Software 

I-Logix (object oriented design, UML, papers on UML etc) 

ObjecTime (real-time object oriented programming) 

Addison-Wesley books (includes descriptions of their C++ books) 

Waite group press 

Plum Hall (validation suites etc) 

KAI (Kuck & Associates, Inc.)
The KAI compiler has been discontinued 

Edison Design Group (C++ front ends) 

Intel C++ compiler (see also compilers) 

Comeau Computing (C++ front ends) 

Delta logic (STL products - also list of STL resources) 

Codebase: xBASE compatible database engine for C/C++ 

C++ report (RIP) 

Dr Dobbs Journal 

C/C++ Users' Journal 

Visual C++ dev journal 

Template Graphics Software (3D graphics libraries) 

Genitor Corporation (graphical editing environment & other
tools for constructing, documenting, and maintaining C/C++ code) 

Numerical objects PDE portal and diffpack site
This is a commercial site with links to Partial Differential
Equation sites. Free access to some diffpack source code.
Reports on applications of diffpack and general numerical

C++-Class-Libraries (GUI - Scheduling - Planning - Optimization) 

Parasoft (software quality development tools) 

OPT++: Object-Oriented Nonlinear Optimization Library 

Tech-X Corporation - object oriented numerics
(optimisation and physics applications)
Optimisation program available for free non-commercial use 

Object continuum - date/time and ODBC classes 

Object Design - object oriented data management including
large-scale financial systems, packaged software applications,
high-performance commercial Web sites, telecommunications 

IP*works - network interface components - trial versions available
for download. 

jfront inc.
C++ library for parsing java source code 

Wessex Scientific and Technical Services - scientific and
engineering software in C++ (& Fortran). 

Programmer's Helpdesk - C++ and Java help for students by students 

Valentina object database engine - written in C++ but I don't know whether
you can get to see the source. Interface SDKs in numerous languages. 


People ask where they can mail-order quality C++ books and
here are 6 (out of many) answers.

Quantum books books - Seattle 

Barnes And Noble 

Bookpool. Discounts, on-line catalogue, reviews etc 


Powell's books 

C++ news-groups

     Moderation policy: 
     To submit articles: Try just posting with your newsreader.

Search current and old newsgroups 

For accessing DigitalMars newsgroups see 

For accessing Inprise/Borland newsgroups see 

Email discussion groups

Threads in C++ mailing list 

Standard template library
To post to the list, send email to 
To ask to be added or removed from the list, send email to 
with the word "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" in the Subject line.

Object oriented numerics mailing list 

Parallel processing newsletter 

Numerical analysis digest