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26 November, 2005

This page gives links to internet sites relevant to random number generation. Emphasis is on hardware random number generators but I also include some links about pseudo-random number generators. I am not trying to include everything and I don't necessarily agree with what is on the sites that I do include.

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Lists of links

Don't forget the search engines

Random numbers and cryptography links

WWW virtual library

Links - both hardware and pseudo random number generators



Evaluations of several RNGS

Numerical analysis FAQ list - see section on random number generators

Randomness and security

Hardware random number generators (and reducing bias)

Pseudo-random number generators (and security)

Pseudo-random number (mostly) generation - includes some source code

Article on random number generation in cryptography (you have to search through this page for the link to the latest version)

Terry Ritter's articles on random noise and hardware random number generators (and lots of other things)

pLab: Theory and Practice of Random Number Generation (includes theory, pseudo-random generators and tests)

Bruce Schneier's homepage - see entry on Yarrow for cryptographic random number generators and article on attacks on pseudo random number generators

Chapter on pseudo- random number generators in Menzies' Handbook of Applied Cryptography - see chapter 5

NIST Computer Security Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) publication

Diehard tests and cdrom - also includes code for random number generators.

Entropy - notes and links

How to influence a random number generator by thinking about it

My (Robert Davies) pages


FIPS 140 standard

NIST test suite

L'Ecuyer's test suite (also a number of pseudo rngs)

Also see Diehard tests

Hardware generator manufacturers

Intel random number generator

General description (click on random number generator entry on left column to explore)

For technical overview

Driver information for Windows

Reference manual for firmware hub (for accessing generator)

Driver for Linux (search on Google for more examples)



Quantum world/Comscire

Tundra-Newbridge - no longer available


Protego / TRNG98

LavaRnd hardware number generator

Havege entropy gathering generator

Radioactive generator (don't know if this is available commercially)

Quantum random number generator

Mario Stipcevic's generator (also a quantum rng)

Rolf Freitag's generator


Pseudo-random number generators

Random number generation on super-computers

Also see Diehard tests, and Taygeta page


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